Native foods originating in America that can be found from the north to the south. Our indigenous ancestors knew very well these foods that nature gave them and valued the properties of each one of them.

Quinoa was considered as a highly nutritious super cereal in 2013. The (UN) declared Quinoa as the golden kernel and also declared the International Year of Quinoa in 2013. Peru is one of the world's largest producing countries of such cereal. Quinoa is already exported to 36 countries worldwide. The world health organization (WHO) considers Quinoa as a complete nutritional protein approved by (FAO) and recommended by (NASA).



FIBER: It has a high fiber content that makes it an ideal food to eliminate toxin and waste favoring good digestion.

PROTEIN: It has a high protein content is a balanced food that has up to 23% the highest percentage of any other cereal, contains iron, calcium and phosphorus (similar to meat).

AMINO ACIDS: Contains more amino acids than any other cereal possesses, the amino acids that the body does not produce, it is easy to digest (lysine, arginine and histidine) these three amino acids are very important for the brain.

OMEGA 3 AND 6: Contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, visual and with the decrease of bad cholesterol in the blood.

GLUTEN FREE: Helps reduce premature appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

IT FAVORS DIGESTION: Because of its high percentage of dietary fiber.

PHYTOESTROGENS: Being similar to female hormones could prevent osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease and others caused by lack of estrogen during menopause.