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Karinli offers the world a range of products with exceptional nutritional properties, such as the quinoa, corn and beans harvested from our rich Peruvian soil.

Quinoa is a plant grown in the Peruvian highlands that covers the Andean region and is a very highly consumed product since the time of the Inca. It is a cereal that produces a semi-flattened round grain seed of yellowish white color. In recent years, quinoa has entered the markets of the United States and Europe as an "old grain". It is one of the main sources of protein (12 to 18%), on average.

It is also a source in calcium, iron and the eight essential amino acids necessary for the development of tissues in humans, for example, the concentration of lysine in the quinoa protein is almost double compared to other grains of this type.

Low sodium food provides starch and fiber.

Quinoa also contains albumin, a protein found in egg whites, blood, and many plant and animal tissues.

The seeds are gluten free, making quinoa a nutritious and tasty alternative for people with gluten sensitivity.

Quinoa would be a good addition to anyone's diet, because of its variety and nutritional value.

Properties of quinoa


Quinoa is considered as a cereal of high nutritional value. In 2013 quinoa was named by the ONU as the golden grain and was declared as the international year of quinoa. Peru is one of the most important countries in the world in the production of quinoa, since it exports to 36 countries of the world. The WHO World Health Organization considers quinoa as a complete nutritional protein.


With high fiber content that makes it an ideal food to eliminate toxins and residues that favor good digestion.


It has a high protein content is a balanced food that has up to 23% higher percentage than any other cereal, contains iron, calcium and phosphorus (similar to that of meat).

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